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Car Wash Machine MIYABI

Self-service Car Wash Machine

“MIYABI” is equipped with reliable washing power created by skilled technologies, loaded with new functions and great performance.

Grand Brush Proven Car-friendly Cutting-edge Brush SIFREX BRUSH Ⅱ

Final wash performance expected by drivers is the fundament of car washing. “MIYABI” has the well reconsidered brush washing movement. By setting the optimum motion and fine rotation speed control of the “SIFREX BRUSH II” which is gentle to the car body, it can lead to the satisfaction of the drivers by removing dirt more softly and more powerfully than before.

  • 「汚れを落とす秘密」
    “The secret of removing dirt”

    Wash movement is renovated! Detergency is further improved by the best control of brush.

  • 「抜群の保水性」
    “Excellent water-retentivity”

    The size of this dimple improves water-retentivity and silence. *The figure is an image.

  • 「優しさが証明されました」
    “Proven car-friendly brush”

    Demonstration test using “SIFREX BRUSH Ⅱ” is executed by the third party certification organization.

  • 「従来ブラシとの比較」
    “Comparison with conventional brush”

    Compared to conventional brush, “SIFREX BRUSH Ⅱ” realizes amazing detergency, durability and quietness.

Super Jet System Super High-pressure Jet System Intensive Washing

The finish performance is dramatically improved by blowing away not only dust but also light dirt. According to the drivers’ survey, the super high-pressure jet system is very popular and its selection rate by drivers is about 30%.

Option Lifting Aladdin Jet


Top nozzle approaches car body by moving up and down, thus washing efficiency is improved greatly. Moreover, washing area is enlarged substantially by increasing up to 4 nozzles.
* The rear of the 1 BOX car is also beautifully finished by the backward swing movement of nozzle.

  • Option Swing
    Aladdin Jet


    2 top nozzles swing from side to side rhythmically during car washing, which leads to a high performance high pressure jet system.

  • Standard Fixed
    Aladdin Jet


    Washing area is enlarged by adding additional 2 top nozzles, basing on the conventional one. Therefore, the high pressure jet water is discharged from 4 fixed nozzles.

High Quality Coating System Approaching body for perfect coating ~Approach Spray System~ Option

The Approach Spray System, which has an exclusive top nozzle approaching car body gradually to coat, eliminates wasteful coating discharge and reduces chemical cost by as much as 30%. Moreover, chemicals and water used can be reduced by controlling the nozzle discharging according to car height. Double ECO, economy and ecology, makes both cost reduction and coating quality stabilization possible.

ASS 〜アプローチスプレーシステム〜

The nozzle swings its head at the rear part and coats perfectly by approaching to the rear part. * Rainbow light shower on the above picture is an option.

  • LEDが点滅

    LED blinks when the nozzle is discharging “FK-2 HYPER” or “PRISM GALSS”.

  • ノズル

    The nozzle swings at the rear and approaches close to coat perfectly.

Car Care Items A new premium power to shine the car body FK-2 TRIBE

The new chemicals series of “FK-2 TRIBE” meets all the drivers’ needs. The series creates a new coating culture by taking the advantage of each individuality.


    Glassy Coating

  • FK-2 HYPER

    Fluorocarbon-containing Coating
    “FK-2 HYPER”

  • FK-2 STERO

    Surface Preparation for Coating
    “FK-2 STERO”


    Beautiful Foam Washing




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