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Car Wash Machine HAYABUSA

Self-service Car Wash Machine

“HAYABUSA” is a high-spec car wash machine that creates new value for self-service car washing by “1 WAY COATING”.

1 WAY COATING FK-2 used, Fastest Car Washing

The greatest strength of HAYABUSA is “1 WAY COATING”. "Washing" "Coating" and "Drying" can be finished continuously just after the “HAYABUSA” passes through the car. The miraculous high speed and high quality finish performance improves customer satisfaction and process capacity.

1WAY コーティング

The splendid “dance” of 1 WAY COATING (0.5 round)
“Wash” “Shampoo” “FK-2 HYPER”

  • Rinse & Wash
    1. Rinse & Wash

    It washes off the dust and sand adhered on body.

  • Coating
    2. Coating

    Washing and coating process are performed at the same time.

  • Dry
    3. Dry

    Drying process starts at the rear part of car during washing.

Aladdin Jet System Super High-pressure Jet-Control Water Freely New Aladdin Jet

The pump has been upgraded to a larger capacity than before, enabling simultaneous washing of top, side and bottom. Moreover, the foot jet, which washes the bottom of car body, is also installed as a standard feature. Thus, the attractive system combining show effect and profit up was born.

Option Lifting Aladdin Jet


With the installation of the approach spray system, top nozzles approach to the body while washing. The number of nozzles has been increase to four, the washing width has been expanded, and a foot jet for washing the bottom of the body also has been installed as a standard feature.

  • 天井4箇所昇降・側面・下部同時吐出

    Nozzles discharge simultaneously from top (4 nozzles), side and bottom.

  • アプローチスプレーシステム

    Nozzles discharge towards rear 45°, which can beautifully wash the rear of 1 BOX car.
    *It is necessary to install approach spray system.

Special Coating Increase lifetime customers by coating sustainability New technology that overturns conventional common sense!

For maintenance of dealer coating and other various water-repellent coatings, “Water Wash” has traditionally been the mainstream. To offer a new maintenance proposal and gather new customers, Prism Glass Coat is developed, which is compatible well with water-repellent coating.

“Cars with water-repellent coatings applied by dealers, etc.”
Conventional common sense: There is no coating conducted by car wash machine. New common sense: Protect coating by Glass Care.
  • 1

    High-pressure Jet Wash

    Pre-wash by High-pressure Jet!

    Conducting the high-pressure jet wash before brush washing can remove dirt and dust adhered on the surface and intersects.

  • 2

    Soft Wash or
    High-pressure Jet Wash

    Gentle wash without using detergent!

    The gentle wash at low speed and without using detergent (shampoo, etc.) does not peel coating off. Washing without using brush is also available.

  • 3

    PRISM GLASSPrism Glass Coat

    Lastly, strengthen coating by Prism Glass Coat!!

    By applying a prism glass coat on top of the water-repellent coating, it is possible to keep the high antifouling effect and water-repellent power for a long time!

Special Coating Boost repeat rate by extreme different finish Ideal for undercoating!

Thanks to the weak alkalinity of “FK-2 STERO”, it is effective in removing dirty dullness and oil dirt which is adhered on old wax or coating agents. It removes the old oil from the painted surface and then washes or coats the car, resulting in a dramatic increase in protection. It is also an eco-detergent that contains enzyme components and has an excellent effect of purifying wastewater.

  • 1

    FK-2 STERO

    Firstly, work on the coating surface preparation!

    It is for dirt dullness and oil dirt caused by old wax and coating. The protect effect is improved greatly by washing car just after removing oil materials on painted surface.

  • 2

    FK-2 HYPER

    Stable coating is possible with clean coating surface!!

    While improving the antifouling effect against water-based dirt, we also improved the antifouling property against organic oily dirt by adding fluorocarbon-containing silicone.

  • 3

    PRISM GLASS(Prism Glass Coat)

    In addition, the glass coating shows more durability and shine!!

    By further applying a glass coat on FK-2 HYPER, it is possible to keep higher antifouling effect and water-repellent power for a longer time!

    *The approach spray system on the picture is an option.

Car Care Items A new premium power to shine the car body FK-2 TRIBE

The new chemicals series of “FK-2 TRIBE” meets all the drivers’ needs. The series creates a new coating culture by taking the advantage of each individuality.


    Glassy Coating

  • FK-2 HYPER

    Fluorocarbon-containing Coating
    “FK-2 HYPER”

  • FK-2 STERO

    Surface Preparation for Coating
    “FK-2 STERO”


    Beautiful Foam Washing




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