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Company Message

Since developing "Car Beautician", the first mobile gantry type car wash machine in the world, in 1963, we have strived to develop new technologies for car washing for more than 50 years. Today, we have reached a total of 120,000 units shipped to customers in not only service stations throughout Japan but also more than 20 countries in the world. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your warm support for the “Car Beautician” car wash machine.

Firmly sticking to the management philosophy of “Contribute to the World through Car Wash Machine” and the management policy of “All for the Smiles of Customers”, we have been leaping to the world for more than 50 years in this industry. The Overseas Business Promotion Department was established as a new sales organization in May 2018 to further strengthen the management philosophy and policy. Our mission is to support our existing customers in Taiwan and Norway, and expand our sales to the world by establishing footholds in Southeast Asia and Europe. With the motto of “All for the Smiles of Customers”, we are devoting to let the “Car Beautician Eagle” spread its wings and soar all over the world.

We will continue to develop car wash machine based on the basic concept of “Friendly to People, Car, and the Environment” and challenge creative technology to contribute to society and meet the expectations of our customers. We look forward to your further support and continuous patronage.

Takeuchi Techno Co., Ltd. Present, Eiji Takeuchi

Company Profile

Company Name Takeuchi Techno Co., Ltd.
(Overseas Business Promotion Department)
Brand Car Beautician
Address 2 Kiba-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan 455-0021 Google Map
Phone +81-52-692-6161
FAX +81-52-692-8426
Establishment April 1, 1916
Capital 67.5 million yen
Present Eiji Takeuchi
Number of employees 110
Business Description The development, manufacture and sales of car wash machine and related peripheral equipment; Export of the above products.

Company History

1916 The former owner of Eikichi Takeuchi established the foundation in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya.
1944 Moved the foundation to the current address 2 Kiba-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya.
1952 Established the legal entity of “Takeuchi Ironworks Co., Ltd.”.
1961 Changed the company name to “Takeuchi Iron Works Co., Ltd.”.
1965 Established the sales company “Beauty Co., Ltd.”
1973 Reached the cumulative sales of car wash machine of 10,000 units.
1977 Completed the All-Weather Test equipment.
1980 Reached the cumulative sales of car wash machine of 30,000 units.
1984 Established the export trading company “Car Beautician Co., Ltd.”.
1991 Celebrated 75th anniversary.
Developed the computer management support system “MAP”.
1992 Reached the cumulative sales of car wash machine of 75,000 units.
1995 Developed the new brush materials “Aladdin Cloth”.
1999 Changed the company name to “Takeuchi Techno Co., Ltd.”
2000 Developed the polymer coating “FK-2”.
2001 Reached the cumulative sales of car wash machine of 100,000 units.
2002 Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
2004 Developed the polymer coating “FK-2 Gross”.
2006 Developed the Prism Coat.
2007 Developed the "Oscillate System” (Patent acquired).
2014 Developed Self-Go Around Car Wash Machine “FLIT” (Patent pending).
2015 Recognized as the world top seller of the largest number of gantry type car wash machine. (October 7)
2016 Certified as “Aichi Brand”. (February 9)
Certified as a “Japan Machinery Heritage”. (August 7)
2019 Developed car wash machine “KAI” for buses and trucks.
2020 Developed the new tunnel continuous car wash machine “ACT”.



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