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Car Care Items

Car Care Item | FK-2 TRIBE Glassy coating, beyond your imagination PRISM GLASS

Best for water-repellent coating protection


By mixing glassy “hard silicone resin”, it forms harder and stronger film. The unique gloss of the glassy coating and the unbelievable water repellency attract the drivers. “Rain stain problem”, the weakness of glassy coating, also has been solved and then now we can confidently recommend it to the drivers.

Combining with FK-2 HYPER to maximize the effect!

PRISMとの比較 自己清浄機能を導入

Single coating course of Prism Glass Coat is realized by well collaborating with the mechanism. Prism Glass Coat can be used to maintain the various water-repellent coating!

Car Care Item | FK-2 TRIBE Coat car with a whole new shiny veil FK-2 HYPER

High water-repellency, high durability and high quality

高撥水・高耐久・高品質コーティングのFK-2 HYPER

Conventional FK-2 coating enhanced anti-fouling effect by combining “Prism” coat, while “FK-2 HYPER” makes more impact on antifouling effect by combining new anti-fouling ingredient (fluorocarbon + high durable silicone).

  • FK-2との比較グラフ
    Comparison graph with FK-2

    The effect values exceeds FK-2 in water repellency, gloss and durability. The results of the monitor test have been highly evaluated.

  • フッ素系化合物を新配合
    New combination of fluorocarbon

    Car body is convex-concave, even though it looks flat. High durable silicone can level the unevenness and prevent dirt adhesion by coating painted surface using fluorocarbon.

The antifouling fluorocarbon-containing coating was born from the voice of major users who are keen to the conditional FK-2 coating.

Car Care Item | FK-2 TRIBE Render uniform washing performance FK-2 STERO

1 detergent for 4 uses, reducing initial cost

  • A

    Extra-high Concentration

    “+ Refresh” Course

    Effective in areas ranging from oil-based stains to mild dullness, and also effective as a coating pretreatment.

  • B

    High Concentration

    “Refresh / + Stero” Course

    Effective in areas ranging from oil-based stains to mild dullness.

  • C

    Middle Concentration

    “+ Stero” Course

    Effective in area of yellow dust and soot which cannot be cleaned by conventional shampoo course.

  • D

    Low Concentration

    “Shampoo” Course

    Effective in area of superficial dust as the general shampoo course.

Different use of the detergent by changing the concentration!

For cost down and labor reduction (detergent replenish and quality maintenance), FK-2 STERO is developed by turning original powder detergent into liquid type. During the development process, it is improved and can be used from removing dirt dullness to general light dirt by adjusting its concentration. It even is enhanced in washing off the oil dirt compared to the existing products.

It can be used as a main part of the topping course to expand the customer base for car washing. It brings back the original shine and gloss of the car body! (Effective to PM 2.5 contamination)

Car Care Item | FK-2 TRIBE Perform the beautiful foam car washing FINE FOAM X

Gentle washing & Rinsing with less water


FINE FOAM X, which is developed for “+ Foam” course, has a high foam-ability. Plenty of bubbles also give an impressive showing effect. It is an ecologic detergent with only 50% water consumption to rinse comparing to our previous products.

We support the creation of SS car wash customers by adopting Fine Foam X, which satisfies drivers by the great performance and finishing of car washing.

Car Care Items The first water stain-resistant coating in the world PRISM

An innovative polymer coating with excellent gloss, water-repellency and water stain-resistance


Prism Coat is a high quality coating based on FK-2 coating. The body of the car is charged with a negative charge, and FK-2 with the positive ion property that serves as the base adheres firmly, and then the Prism Coat with the negative ion property adheres strongly on the FK-2. The surface of the Prism Coat keeps dirt away with its negative ion property, and the effect of chemically preventing water stain dirt from adhering to the surface keeps beautiful gloss and luster for a long time.

How Prism Coat Works

A mixture of dimethyl silicone and silicone resin oil forms a coating on the FK-2 surface. Hydrophobic substances such as dimethyl silicone and silicone resin oil are uniformly dispersed in water by the action of emulsifier. These hydrophobic substances do not dissolve in water, but adsorb and aggregate with each other in water. Since the FK-2 coating is also hydrophobic, it adsorbs when it comes into contact with them, forming the prism coating.

The Features of Prism Coat

When the coating of the Prism Coat is formed, the adsorption part of FK-2 is also covered, which is a mechanism that prevents water stains. In addition, Prism Coat has no adsorption part and is not reactive, so even if dirt adheres due to rain, it can be easily removed by regular car washing. Dimethyl silicone excels in slipping and gloss, and silicone resin oil excels in water repellency and water resistance. Therefore, Prism Coat is an innovative coating that has never been seen before.

Car Care Items Recognition No.1 for washing, polishing and guarding FK-2

A polymer coating, more durable than wax and protects body completely


The more you apply FK-2, the more care effect you get, which firmly guards your car. FK-2 course is a polymer coating car washing, which is completely different from conventional wax in the way it is bonded to the body and lasts for a long time. The glass is also coated, so you can see clearly even in rainy days!
By controlling the properties of the main component, silicon polymer, we succeeded in removing the cause of contamination. Therefore water stain and dullness hardly occur.

How FK-2 Works

The specially modified silicone used in the FK-2 is a silicone oil with an adsorption effect by its strong water repellency and slip properties. This allows the coating components to adhere directly to the body surface, leading to a highly stable coating. In addition, because the specially modified silicone hardens at normal temperature when exposed to carbon dioxide in the air and improves the durability of the coating, FK-2 is sprayed simultaneously with high-pressure air can increase the efficiency of contact with carbon dioxide and promote curing, further improving adhesion, durability and surface protection.

The Features of FK-2

Unlike conventional waxes, it is bonded to the body in a completely different way. Because molecules and molecules are strongly bonded to each other and to the coated surface, the protective film formed in a film form strongly adsorbs to the coated surface, and it protects the coated surface from ultraviolet rays, acid rain, rust, etc., with excellent durability and protective effect.


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