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Car Wash Machine TSURUGI

Full-service Car Wash Machine

Looking ahead to the future of full-service car wash, “TSURUGI” was born with the complete aesthetics of car washing - “Safety” “Beauty” and “Impression”.

New Car Wash Course Coating - protective Course

New car wash course “Glass Care” is developed for the customers who are applying various water-repellent coatings such as dealer coating. “Water Wash” has traditionally been the mainstream for conventional maintenance, but Prism Glass Coat protects the original coating and makes it last longer.

“Cars with water-repellent coatings applied by dealers, etc.”
Conventional Common Sense Car Wash = Water Wash New Common Sense Protect Coating by Car Wash Machine
  • 1

    High-pressure Jet Wash

    Pre-wash by High-pressure Jet!

    Conducting the high-pressure jet wash before brush washing can remove dirt and dust adhered on the surface and intersects.

  • 2

    Soft Wash or
    High-pressure Jet Wash

    Gentle wash without using detergent!

    The gentle wash at low speed and without using detergent (shampoo, etc.) does not peel coating off. Washing without using brush is also available.

  • 3

    PRISM GLASSPrism Glass Coat

    Lastly, strengthen coating by Prism Glass Coat!!

    By applying a prism glass coat on top of the water-repellent coating, it is possible to keep the high antifouling effect and water-repellent power for a long time!

New Car Wash Size Expansion of applicable car size Expansion of applicable car models

Currently, car size trends to be larger. Corresponding to this, applicable car length of 200 mm was extended and car wash machine “TSURUGI” is now possible to wash car up to 5200 mm in length, by rethinking the position of sensor and brush while without changing conventional rail length of 8350 mm. Large car (1 BOX type, etc.), which is used to be washed manually, now can be easily handled by the “TSURUGI”.

According to car typecar length of 5380m/m is applicable

Operation Comfortable to use for both beginners and veterans Hybrid Operation Panel

Detailed setting and daily management can be done by “Liquid Crystal Touch Panel”, while daily wash work can be done by “Push- Button”. Advantages of the two kinds of operation methods are adopted into the hybrid operation. More importantly, it is a simple yet safe operation panel.

LCD Touch Operation

Various Settings
Daily & Monthly Report / Maintenance
Admin Menu
Error Annunciation / Reset

Push - Button Operation

Two-Touch Operation System
Maximally 15 Courses Setting
Set Course Contents Freely

Car Care Items A new premium power to shine the car body FK-2 TRIBE

The new chemicals series of “FK-2 TRIBE” meets all the drivers’ needs. The series creates a new coating culture by taking the advantage of each individuality.


    Glassy Coating

  • FK-2 HYPER

    Fluorocarbon-containing Coating
    “FK-2 HYPER”

  • FK-2 STERO

    Surface Preparation for Coating
    “FK-2 STERO”


    Beautiful Foam Washing




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